Our Commitment

Crossroads Missions’ missions & outreach work is guided by four promises. When undertaking any missions and outreach work we:


We Go…

  • outside the walls of our church buildings
  • beyond the comfort zone of our church friends and small groups, and
  • towards the mess to love those who are hurting and without hope.


    We Listen…

  • by setting aside agendas… we don’t desire to fix or change people, we want love them;
  • because we want to know people and we want them to know us, and
  • focusing on what we have in common, not on our differences.


    We Share…

  • our time,
  • our talents,
  • resources, and most importantly…
  • Jesus!


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    We Stay…

  • where God plants us,
  • focused on “life on life,” long-term relationships,
  • and persevere, choosing not to leave when things get difficult, and
  • patient, continuing to love and trust God for results.